Vigilante is not your typical orchestra. Although we look like an orchestra, we are actually a band playing progressive, hard hitting music. Although we love guitars, we thought, why not do it on many more strings, divided over many more instruments? And while we’re at it, why not add a drummer, a pianist and a singer? Epicness guaranteed!

Vigilante builds a bridge between classical music and rock / metal music!


Have you ever seen a headbanging string orchestra?

You’ve come to the right place!

Vigilante approaches a string orchestra in a very different way than most string orchestras. We specifically pay attention to the playing techniques and grooves of the heavier rock genres to create a MASSIVE and IMPACTFUL sound with a filmic touch.

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Born in the music of TOOL

If you’re gonna start arranging progressive rock or metal songs, why not look for some of the best you can find! In our case we chose the music of TOOL as a starting point! Arranging some of their best works so we could play it, just felt very natural. In our current show, we even decided to stick to TOOL and dedicate a whole concert to their very inspiring and exciting work!



Frontview Magazine (BE): “Begeleid van een schitterende lichtshow blijkt deze vorm van rockmuziek alvast aan te slaan. Het publiek was van bij het eerste nummer dolenthousiast en zou dit ook gedurende de hele show laten blijken.” Read full article

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